The Electrical System Is Key to Normal Rhythm

Dr. Smith is a cardiac electrophysiologist, giving him extensive training, expertise, and experience treating arrhythmias and heart disorders. Many of the issues he deals with are due to malfunctions in the patient’s electrical system. So you better understand what happens, it helps to understand the basic electrical system in the human heart. Normal heart Our […]

Would Watchman Help You?

If someone says Watchman, if you’re a comic book fan you may think he or she is talking about the DC Comics superheroes. But if you have atrial fibrillation, there’s another Watchman you need to know about — the Watchman Implant. Dr. Smith implants the Watchman device into the left atria of the heart of […]

These Fractions Weren’t in High School Math

When examining your heart, Dr. Smith uses various diagnostic tools. An important one is called the ejection fraction, and it refers to the amount, or percentage, of blood that is pumped out of the ventricles with each contraction. Here’s some more information about the ejection fraction. How it works With each heartbeat, your heart squeezes […]

Some Signs to Watch For with Abnormal Heart Rhythms

An occasional period of an abnormal heart rhythm is not rare and usually isn’t serious. Many adults have had some rhythm problem, whether due to too much caffeine, stress, or other issues. The feelings may be of your heart racing, a feeling of lightheadedness or dizziness. But certain heart rhythms can be serious, potentially even […]

Slow Down that Heart Rate

Everyone has rapid heart rates at times. During exercise your heart rate can climb to 180 beats per minute. Generally, it’s considered the maximum heart rate a person should have is 220 less your age. So, if you’re 40, you’d subtract 40 from 220 and your maximum heart rate during exercise should be 180. But […]

Cardiac Ablation

It can sound scary, but sometimes the best way to stop an abnormal heart rhythm is by destroying some of the heart tissue. This is known as cardiac ablation and Dr. Smith performs this procedure.   What is cardiac ablation?   The goal of cardiac ablation is to destroy the pathway of the abnormal rhythm. […]

Treating Atrial Fibrillation & Arrhythmia Birmingham AL

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

The term congestive heart failure (CHF) is a bit of a misnomer. If people hear that someone has CHF they assume the person may have had a heart attack, due to the use of the word failure. In reality, CHF simply means that the heart isn’t pumping blood effectively. When the heart doesn’t pump the […]

Pacemaker Birmingham AL


Sometimes a patient’s heart rhythms just won’t respond effectively to a single treatment and return to normal. In these cases, Dr. Smith may need to permanently correct these arrhythmias by implanting a pacemaker. What is a pacemaker? A pacemaker is a small device that Dr. Smith implants under the skin of your chest. It has […]

What Is a Heart Block?

Our hearts are miracles workers, but Dr. Smith sees many hearts that aren’t keeping pace, so to speak. One of those problems is called a heart block. There are different degrees of heart blocks; some need treatment, others do not. Here’s some information on this condition. Normal electrical signals Your heartbeat is initiated by an […]

Pick Up the Pace

Every day your heart beats about 100,000 times. Think about that. What other kind of device could you count on to deliver so much work for something like 85 years and never be replaced? That’s the miracle of our hearts. You’d think that making your heart beat less would be helpful. Less work must equal […]

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